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Your Apparel Needs are Unique...

let us make your concept a reality!

With over 20 years of experience in the apparel industry and having completed a wide variety of custom orders, we have the expertise needed to bring your vision to life.

Our commitment to having the latest technology in the apparel decoration industry gives us the opportunity to deliver exactly what you want in a timely manner.

Our services include:

  • Screen printing

  • Direct to film (DTF)

  • Direct to garment (DTG)

  • Embroidery

  • Heat pressing

Or any other decorated apparel service!


Instead of being limited by a specific color scheme, we have access to near infinite color possibilities. Any design, any logo... even photos can be printed on your garment!


We have experience fulfilling orders of all sizes. Whether it is a single garment, thousands of pieces, or something in between, we have the ability to efficiently complete your order.

What is it?

Direct-to-garment printing is the process of printing on fabrics using specialized water-based ink.

A garment is pre-treated, heat-pressed, and digitally printed according to the desired design and fabric properties. This process allows for sharper images to be printed at a higher resolution while decreasing setup and cleanup time.

Direct-to-garment printing has given us at See Our Designs the ability to print quality designs while lowering costs on orders ranging from hundreds of garments to one single t-shirt.


The Process

The Process


Step 1

A pre-treat mixture is applied to the garment, Once cured, this mixture helps the water-based inks bond more fully to the fabric.


Step 1

We discuss with you information regarding design, artwork, placement, price, garments and quantities.

Screenshot (28)_edited_edited.jpg

Step 2
Mock-up and Final Proof

We confirm with you the details of your order are correct, such as artwork and placement.

Screenshot (29)_edited.jpg

Step 3
Finish Product

We print your garment and deliver the final product to you!


With DTG you can customize and realize both large and small quantity orders at a lower price than screen-printing.

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